* Note * This session is 90 minutes long and runs through the break into the next session.



A supported Product Owner has the power to prioritize. An empowered Product Owner has the power to say 'No'!

The Product Owner is the most underutilized and unsupported role in large organizations that are trying to increase their speed to market. Product Owners are only business people playing a 'weekend dad' to the team or they are merely only writing requirements for the team.

Companies that are successful in delivering products to market empower the Product Owner. The Product Owner has one leg in Product Management and the other leg with the Scrum Team. The empowered Product Owner engages the business, customers, engineering, design, sales groups as stakeholders. They are empowered to optimize value by creating vision and context to enable teams to deliver products people want to buy and are technically sound to maintain and scale.

In this workshop, we will help you unleash this opportunity and guide you in understanding the role of an empowered Product Owner.

Outline/structure of the Session

20 Minutes - The Role of the Product Owner

10 Minutes - Stakeholder management tips and techniques

10 Minutes - overview of the Lean Canvas

40 - Minutes - Run/take up a Lean Canvas exercise with the participants

10 Minutes - Q&A

Learning Outcome

The role of the product owner

Stakeholder management techniques

The need for the product owner to be self-empowered to get a product and learning to speed up

Learn how to create/co-create using a Lean Canvas to allow you to iterate and kill ideas before you invest in getting this built or decide the minimal learning opportunity to decide if you need to invest further.

Session Track

Product and Customers

Experience level


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