Overview of the Session

  • Introduction and Agenda (5 mins)
  • What is Specification by Example? (10 mins)
    • Relation to the Agile Test Quadrants
    • Industry Adoption according to VersionOne State of Agile Survey
    • Driver for Cross-Functional Team Collaboration
  • Common Blockers to Successful Introduction of Specification by Example (5 mins)
  • Our success story using Specification by Example on our last project (15 mins)
    • Organized as a Timeline
    • Activities that helped our team
    • Resources used
  • Close  (5 mins)
    • Share our learnings
    • Share our resources with attendees
  • Q & A ( 5 mins)

Target Audience

  • Intermediate Agile Coaches and Agile Team Members (Product Owners, Testers, and Developers) who work on or with software development teams
  • This is not a beginner session as most teams require experience with Agile fundamentals before Specification by Example is appropirate

Learning Outcomes for Attendees

  • Attendees will learn what Specification by Example is and how it can help their teams
  • Attendees will be directed to the best resources to help them succeed in implementing Specification by Example

The session is a presentation delivered in English by two co-presenters. There is no real interactivity. We are expecting an engaged audience based on our telling of our success story: concrete details, conflict, etc.

We will need presentation equipment and 2 microphones. No requirement for a specific session time. A 45 time minute slot is appropriate.

We are not sure about the best track... please help us :)

Session Track

High Performance Teams

Experience level


Session Time Slot(s)