Knowledge work calls upon our minds as it engages our intellectual capabilities to make the world a better place. Agility work seeks for us to intentionally connect our hearts to this practice: calling on us to celebrate our work and our peers (developing expressions of joy); challenging us to see ourselves “as we are” and to dig deeper to embrace change for the better (leaning into discomfort).

Every day our minds and hearts are developed; however, our practice ignores an integral part of our whole self - our bodies.

This session will invite participants to a guided somatic* practice in order to build insight and awareness. Specifically, our somatic practice will work with on two key ideas prevalent in any Agile practice: discomfort and joy.

Challenging us to engage non-judgmentally, the session proposes that our body can be a powerful teacher of Agility.

*Somatic - relating to the body, especially distinct from the mind

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understanding of somatic coaching line development.
2. Exploring discomfort somatically to better connect with elements that support its counterpart: resilience. How can we translate this into our work as agile coaches and leaders?
3. Exploring polarity, we will then explore joy somatically. Connecting with elements that attach themselves to our expressions of "joy". How can we translate this into greater awareness of joy as it applies to our agile teams and organizations?


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Track 8

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