Core to Agile ways of working are the concepts of cross-functional teams and collective ownership. As Agile teams uncover the power of those concepts and start to take off into the stratosphere of higher performance and awesome outcomes, they get pulled back to earth by Mike Cohn’s organizational gravity of existing roles and titles. If left unabated a focus on roles will destroy the agility of teams. There is only one key role on Agile teams - Team Member. A Team Member’s set of capabilities define who they are, not their title or role. This talk will share our view on the rise of capabilities over roles as the lynchpin of future agility.

Level of Knowledge: Beginner. Talks about common organizational structures and values that are relatable.

Learning takeaways:

  • Mechanistic vs. Organic? It’s a continuum not a choice
  • Organic organizations rely on capabilities, not roles & titles
  • People are not the problem, structures are – set people free
  • Organic organizations are not sci-fi, they exist here & now

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Beyond Agile

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