Presenters: Anik Dubreuil, President / CEO Innovapost & Jamie Cuthill, Head of Agile, Innovapost

Keywords: Transformation, Culture Change, Leadership, Agile at Scale

Abstract: How would a technology company that supports two major players in the Canadian delivery business (and a third company specializing in logistics) transform from a very serious Waterfall organization to one that embraces Agile principles and methodologies?

It was (is?) a daunting task complete with false starts, stumbles, tumbles and success stories. We would have gone nowhere without top down leadership. We needed the whole company to buy in – our culture had to change. We changed our business model and our facilities and bought a whole lot of white board paint and markers in the process.

In a lot of ways we are in the middle of our transformation, still developing how we will work and how our relationship with our business stakeholders will work. One thing is for certain, we are moving, iterating and uncovering better ways of developing software in order to satisfy our customers.

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Business Agility

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