What’s keeping your CEO, CHRO and CIO up at night? The changing nature of work, growing scarcity of talent, emerging technologies and the demands in the Canadian market. Organizations are learning how to operate in our emerging “new world order”. Tried and tested business decision-making methods and HR practices are slow in delivering needed productivity and workforce outcomes required for a knowledge economy. Adaptability and flexibility are the names of the game and leaders are discovering how practices and methods from other disciplines like IT and design, can give the needed lift to build a more Agile business and workforce.

In this session, we hear how Agile methods, design thinking, people analytics and other methodologies familiar to the IT world are seeping into other areas of the business. Practices are shifting mind sets and providing leaders evidence for better-informed decisions. We will explore the evidence about why it’s so hard to move the needle and whether there is a natural misalignment of Agile Practices and traditional HR practices, and whether reasonable workarounds have been discovered.

This presentation will explore emerging changes in the Canadian market, and how business and HR teams are beginning to apply Agile and other methods to solve problems related to navigating the changing nature of work.

Hear research on, and case studies about, Canadian organizations who are applying alternative practices to reduce business risks related to their workforce;

Learn about the impact external market trends are having on work, the workplace, and the people practices in businesses;

Discover why agile practices matter, how it is being applied to change “human systems” in times of emerging change, and some considerations for People Practices in businesses when moving to an Agile approach; and

Some key take-aways?  what you can do to help accelerate and embed the required mind set change and behaviours in your personal and professional life.

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Beyond Agile

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