“We can’t make decisions or agree on priorities. So, we have the same meeting over and over. Literally, the same meeting.” If that could be said about your workplace, this interactive session is for you. 

Bad meetings are among the most common sources of workplace whining. Today, especially in software development and delivery, our work is too complex for one person to make all the decisions or know all the answers. Everyone's contribution is needed. So, we have meetings. And some are a painful mix of frustration and boredom. 

When we're the one hosting the meeting, there are lots of facilitation techniques we can employ to keep the discussion on track, on topic and on time so we can reach good decisions and plan effectively.  But what if it's not our meeting? What can we do when we're not in charge?

Inspired by several years of leading the workshop, Facilitation for the Agile Workplace, this talk draws on communication and facilitation techniques developed over a long career in business and tech. Join Sue in exploring some simple techniques you can use at your next meeting to make the experience better for you - and for others who attend. 

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