A common impediment I hear when introducing Agile ways of working into an organization is “I don’t have time for...<fill in the blank with any Agile related practice>.” It’s a universal refrain from Agile neophyte managers and team members alike. It's also a myth.

As Agile practitioners, one of our biggest challenges is getting people new to Agile to invest time in learning, practicing and supporting the new ways of working. Time that they don’t have because it’s all used up doing things the old way. The problem is especially wicked when it comes to managers. Are managers in your emerging Agile organization taking time with the Agile Teams? The role of managers in an Agile environment is still very much a work in progress. At the same time, management support is key to any major change initiative. How often have we heard “I’d like to visit the teams but I don’t have time”, “Sorry, my calendar is triple-booked” or something similar?

What if time wasn't a non-renewable resource and zero-sum game? What if we could grow time?

This talk will explore:

  • Why does time get scarcer when introducing change? (5 mins)
  • Why is the scarcity especially wicked for management when moving to Agile ways? (5 mins)
  • How might we look at time differently? (10 mins)
  • Some simple tools that can help management and other stakeholders grow the time needed to support a different future. (20 mins)

The attendees will learn and experience ways to use the tools to mine for time. The takeaways will include:

  1. An appreciation of how the lack of time can thwart your Agile change initiatives.
  2. Experience using a couple of simple tools that you can introduce to your Agile stakeholders to create their own time machines. (Degree of interactivity = 2-3)


This talk is based on a recent blog post I wrote. See https://nextchapterconsulting.ca/2019/07/28/myth-i-dont-have-time/.

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Myth Busters

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