Over last couple of years enterprises have adopted Agile delivery for their technology-based projects in programming and development and now with the concept of end to end business agility there are certain participants in delivery which are not yet delivering in Agile way and one the most critical one is IT Infrastructure services.

(#MythBuster) -the myth is Infra projects are not good fit for Agile.

In this session, we will review a type of IT Infrastructure project and elaborate gained benefits as a use case so that leaders and organizations can think of achieving Business Agility.

 #MythBusters #BusinessAgility

The session will provide 10 to 15 minutes for attendees to share their experience or ask questions.

Co-Presenter: Marjan Pouran (TD Bank)

Presentation Outline (45 mins):

1. Whats the current scenario in most of the IT Infra projects

2. Sample project use case

3. Adoption Outcomes

4. Q&A and audience view

5. Conclusion or Final Thoughts

Learning Outcomes

1. Agile is an option for IT Infrastructure

2. Leaders start thinking of Agile to make business impact

Interactive Range of session: 2-3

Attendee Level: 

Advanced, this session will present gained benefits of Agile adoption from business agility and value delivery standpoint. There will be topics on productivity and operation efficiency which requires good understanding of overall business administration so that leaders can go back to their organizations and think of Enterprise Agile as a whole.

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Couple Mikes, white board or flip chart

Flexibilty around session:

heading to Toronto after that so may be not the last session.


Session Track

Myth Busters

Experience level


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