Many organizations ask for continuous delivery and yet, it is one of the most misunderstood concepts in our industry.

Companies that haven’t experienced it see risk and disruption. Companies that have already invested in implementing it are looking for ways to get there faster. All the while, so much learning has taken place in the industry on what it is and how to get there. Our thoughts have evolved from the core meaning of it all the way to how to implement it in the different layers of an organization. If you see it as a tech-only problem, you are missing so many pieces of the puzzle.

Ardita and Cheezy have been working in the continuous delivery space since before it had a name. They bring a wealth of experiences and stories from the trenches where they are helping companies satisfy their customers, through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.


Ensure that you let us know:

  • What level of knowledge should attendees have before walking into your session:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Why is it that level.

This is an intermediate level presentation. Some of the concepts and practcies discussed here are considered more advanced and the attendee should already have a solid grasp on basic agile concepts.

  • What do you hope the attendees will learn from your session?  What will the take aways be?

Attendees will learn that many companies are pushing the traditional boundaries of agile and working to rapidly deliver software that is very customer focused. This should become the new goal (north star) for many teams on their agile journey.

  • How interactive will the presentation be? Degree of interactivity on a scale of 1 to 5.

This presentation is not very interactive. I would give it a 1.

  • Do you need a special setup? What do you need? Extra mikes, special table setup, white board, flip chart, wheel chair access, ?

Two presenters so we will need two microphones.

  • Will there be a co-presenter?

Yes. Ardita Karaj will be the co-presenter.

  • Do you need a specific session time. Earlier, Later or is there flexibility?

Any time works for us.

  • Language of presentation. We are open to, and welcome the possibility of some bilingual or French presentations.


  • The default time slot for a session is 45 minutes. There is a possibility to have a double time slot session lasting 90 minute .   A 90 minutes session will be an exception and will require the  selection committee to support and appreciate the value delivered by the longer presentation. 

We can work with either a 45 or 90 minute session with our materials. If a 90 minute is available then we can go into more details of the topics we plan to present.


Session Track

Product and Customers

Experience level


Session Time Slot(s)