Becoming Agile…one procurement at a time

As a strong supporter of Agile, Shared Services Canada (SSC) is using Agile to streamline its technology procurement on behalf of the Government of Canada.  Guylaine Carriere, Director of Procurement Modernization, will share how collaboration and working openly using Agile has allowed SSC to accelerate sometimes slow, bureaucratic public procurement processes to significantly improve buying outcomes for clients and businesses. 

SSC’s journey using Agile in its procurement centers around four key principles:

·         Problems are good!  They could be the seeds of synergy

·         Private sector partnerships - collaborate with and value the private sector

·         Evidence-based selection – make decision on results instead of narrative descriptions

·         Incremental deployment - Build a perpetual, scalable and evolving contract

Participants will benefit by hearing about the tools and processes SSC is developing and what the department has learned by approaching complex government IT procurement in an Agile way.  By seizing opportunities, starting small, producing results and iterating, SSC can build perpetual, scalable and evolving contracts that meet our client’s needs.

Whether participants are new to Agile, or are seasoned practitioners, this interactive session will show the benefits of using Agile to solve a complex government problem and provide opportunities for Agile expert attendees to provide their views on how we might improve the way we buy technology.   

At the end of the session, participants will be invited to provide their perspective on how procurement in the Government of Canada should/could be improved.

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Agile Government

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