This talk will share the story of an IT Portfolio with the Bank of Canada and the journey that it has been on moving from traditional to Agile ways of working over the past 2 years.  As we reflect on our journey, we’ve realized that it aligns to Shakespeare’s Seven Stages of Life as outlined in the play As you Like It.  We’ve reached a crossroads in our journey where we are determining how to balance maintaining the benefits that we’ve realized with experimenting to build on the gains we’ve made.  In addition to sharing our own journey we will engage attendees in reflecting on their own transformations. Attendees can expect to walk away with:


  1. An appreciation for the possible elements of an Agile journey and how they evolve over time,
  2. How one organization adapted to the challenges encountered during their journey,
  3. Possible options that will help participants progress on their own journeys.
  4. This session is targeted at anyone who is attempting to solve business challenges by moving to Agile ways of working within their organization.


The session will be co-presented by a member of the initial guiding coalition as well as the Agile Coach supporting the journey.

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Agile Government

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