• Knowledge Level:  Beginner. This session listed out most widely spread misunderstanding of Agile. We often hear that at organizations newly start the Agile Transformation. 


  • Take aways message: clarify misunderstanding of Agile and Scrum, epecially in terms of planning, documentation, regulatied environment, agile maturity, output vs outcome, scrum master role, manager role etc. 

          Urban Myth of Agile and Scrum:

  • Agile has no plan / no documentation
  • Our work is highly regulated, so we can not use Agile
  • We have Scrum Team, we are Agile
  • We use Scrum to let our teams move faster
  • Scrum Master is Agile Project Manager
  • There is no manager in Agile
  • Scrum has too many meetings, let’s use Kanban      


  • Interactive: 3, let people dote vote listed 7 topics, choose top 4, each topic will have 10 minutes - 5 minutes group disucssion in the room: is this statement correct? Why? Any example at your work place? - 5 minutes clarify the myth, explain why the statement is wrong. 


  • Need a white board or flip chart for dot voting
  • Speaker: Jason Shi and Aaron Spreng
  • No need a specific session time. Flexible.
  • Language of presentation: English
  • The default time slot: 45 minutes

Session Track

Myth Busters

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