It doesn’t take a lot of time to set the stage to improve participation in workshops and other team events - in less than 2 minutes you can energize and focus participants to help them succeed at the work they will be doing together.  In the same amount of time at the end of an event you can also help increase alignment and commitment to follow up. In this very interactive workshop we will explore why and how to start and close all kinds of meetings effectively and we’ll experiment with a number of activities that will accelerate learning and engagement.

What participants will take away:

You will leave this workshop with several quick activities that you can use to jumpstart events and closing to help reinforce alignment and commitment to action.


  • Starting off on the right foot: the importance of connections
  • Practical exercise: 4 connection activities > Debrief
  • Review: Doodle
  • Strong finishes: Closing with alignment and intent to create followup
  • Practical exercise: 2 types of conclusions
  • Review: How will you improve your meetings and workshops?

Notes for program team:

  • This is a session for anyone who attends meetings.
  • Room requirements: participants seated in groups at tables and chairs
  • A flip chart or whiteboard would be nice. There will be no slide presentation


Experience level


Session Time Slot(s)