Building our Future Self

As Agile Practitioners, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Leaders, and Coaches, we are often
focused externally, with an eye towards our teams or organization in our agile journeys. If we’re
properly agile focused, then we should be servant leaders for our team and others – right?  Yes,
but with one large caveat…
In order to be truly effective, we need to be serving and building ourselves first! And a large
part of that service, is effectively building our capabilities and developing our own
unique brand.

Bob Galen has been relentlessly building his brand for several decades and will
share his thoughts, tips, and techniques toward personal brand-building. Beginning with the
why, you will understand the importance and value of building your brand and how this helps
you to envision your ideal future self.

Next, you will identify actionable and systematic steps towards developing your brand. This
includes things like learning, certifications, writing, public speaking, coaching and mentoring.
Your focus will be towards uncovering opportunities for doing as opposed to just talking.
It turns out that brand-building is hard work and this talk is just the beginning. But if you’re
willing to put in the effort, you’ll leave with a variety of ideas and a solid branding strategy &
roadmap that will guide you down your individual path to better branding.