Call for Speakers (Closed)

The Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour (GOAT) is the largest non-profit agile conference in the Canadian capital region. It provides world class talks and workshops, enhances professional networks, and inspires professionals of all levels to innovate and collaborate.

Interact with more than 700 invested, engaged agile professionals, and the people they influence.


  • Your Agile, Lean, and DevOps knowledge
  • A valuable workshop
  • Your organization’s experience.

GOAT seeks to include experienced speakers, and to encourage diverse new voices from our communities.

All content is expected to meet the standards of the GOAT Code of Conduct.

Session talks should be 45 minutes long. Session workshops can run up to 1 hour and 45 minutes, please request the session extension in your proposal.


Experimentation, the change catalyst

From the new light rail system, to legalization, to NAFTA negotiations; change is afoot in Ottawa and Canada.

The agile umbrella has always embraced change and change agents. What are we going to change next?


Beyond Agile
  • What's next?
Business Agility
  • How can modern methods be applied to governance, compliance, portfolio, projects, and the enterprise as a whole?
Culture and Collaboration
  • What are the leading practices to enhance leadership, people, coaching, and mentoring?
DevOps and Technical Agility
  • What are the leading practices to deliver exceptional value?
Innovation and Transformation
  • What are the leading practices to successfully innovate and transform work?
Modern Government
  • How can modern methods be applied to local, provincial, federal, and international governments?
Product and Customers
  • What are the leading practices in product ownership, product management, UX, CX, and design?

Speaker Compensation

Speakers receive free admission to the conference.

Important Dates

  • July 16 – Call for Speakers Open
  • September 9 – Call for Speakers Closes
  • September 23 – Initial Speaker selection will be complete. Speakers will be notified shortly after.

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