Coaches’ Corner

In the spirit of the community volunteer Agile Coaches can share and exchange ideas with the participants. This year, we have invited all the speakers and coaches participating our conference to join the Coaches’ Corner located at the bright open space close to the curved glass wall.

In this cozy corner, take the chance to ask questions and get advices!

Additional to our speakers, We have the following volunteer coaches who have committed to welcome you at the Coaches’ Corner as well. We appreciate their additional efforts and contribution to the community!



Speaker Jesus Mendez

Jesus Mendez

A computer scientist originally from Caracas, Venezuela with more than 16 years of experience in IT projects. My first Agile project was in 2010 and since then, I’ve exploring and trying different ways to make people’s work life better and easier by doing my best to help them find their more authentic self. In February 2015 I released my first workbook “Forming Agile Teams: techniques for structuring and get sustainable Agile teams high-performance ready” which has offered me, many different opportunities, new beautiful connections and amazing experiences.Considered by some a hands-on Scrum Master and high performing Agile Coach, my super power in life is to inspire others by being just myself, a learner who nurtures from people’s interactions, extremely passionate about helping leaders survive and thrive. I would offer you tools and techniques, to get the best out of your leadership journey by sharing what I’ve already tried and experienced. I wish we meet at the coaches corner at GOAT16, hope to meet you there.



Lidia Rojco

Lidia Rojco is an Agile coach with the overall project management experience. Her expertise covers a frame from a proposed solution to a project realization in the most efficient way with a main focus to assure Team Success. She facilitates a complex point in a simple manner, very thoroughly and in an easy-to follow way. The transition and change management aimed to continuous improvement of a process is her practical expertise. She invents and leads team building events, keeps pleased and always positive working environment :).

Lidia is very passionate about trainings and sharing knowledge activities aimed to strengthen audience competence upon Agile practices applied for an efficient project realization.

MBA, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master


Shahin Sheidaei

Shahin Sheidaei is an Agile Coach, Change Therapist, Professional Disruptor, Thought Leader & Developer by heart. He enjoys dealing with fresh challenges, learn new techniques, apply them to real problems, observe the outcomes and improve upon through a positive feedback loop. Shahin questions everything and helps everyone. He can lead a group of people from back of the room. He can apply and adapt his talent for the need of the team and/or the induvial.

Shahin has influenced, coached, mentored and guided teams, individuals, leaders and managers to achieve their outmost potentials. He helped them to discover new ways of performing, thinking, collaborating and leading. He can be relied on with his immense knowledge in the Agile and Lean domain, from subtle changes to very complicated organizational transformation.