a one day conference for agile and
organizational change practitioners

monday, november 23rd, 2015 — gatineau city hall

Agile Tour is a series of non-profit events over several cities throughout October to December.

Join us for the 2015 edition of the Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour, affectionately known as GOAT. Organized by a local team of dedicated Agile practitioners, #GOAT15 will be a value-packed conference for the 300+ professionals expected to attend this year.


  • Two great keynotes
  • Sixteen experienced speakers
  • Four tracks


  • Monday, November 23rd
  • 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Registration and continental breakfast starts at 8am


Maison du Citoyen, 25 Rue Laurier, Gatineau

Keynote speakers

Richard Sheridan

From kid programmer in 1971 to Forbes cover story in 2003, Joy, Inc. author Richard Sheridan has never shied from challenges, opportunities nor the limelight. While his focus has always been around technology, his passion is actually process, teamwork and organizational design, with one inordinately popular goal: the Business Value of Joy! He is the CEO, Founder and Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations.

Website: http://www.menloinnovations.com/joyinc/

Twitter: @menloprez

Gil Broza

Gil Broza helps software organizations build and lead engaged, solid, high- performance Agile development teams. He guides teams and their leaders in creating effective, humane, and responsible work environments so they truly delight their customers and make a positive impact. He is an “all-rounder,” working at all organizational levels and coaching people in both technical and leadership behaviours.

Gil’s recent book, The Agile Mind-set, helps practitioners become truly Agile about their work. His earlier book The Human Side of Agile is the definitive practical guide to leading Agile teams. He is a regular contributor and three-time track chair for the Agile series of conferences, and one of the Agile writers at projectmanagement.com.

Website: http://www.3pvantage.com/

Twitter: @gilbroza

Our partners

Thank you to all our partners who help make this conference easily accessible to so many people looking to build their skills and grow their organizations! We appreciate your support in helping to grow the community.

If you would like to learn the benefits of becoming a partner with Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour check out our sponsorship information.

Premier partners

Agile Pain Relief

Agile Pain Relief is pleased to be a Premier Sponsor this year and help support GOAT'15 and the local Agile community.

Agile Pain Relief offers Agile training and consulting services from Certified Scrum Trainer Mark Levison in the National Capital region and across Canada. Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Product Owner (CSPO) & Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) courses, custom training, and tailored consulting programs are available for individuals, groups, and private training sessions. Visit Agile Pain Relief to discover how Agile can help you and your organization.

Scrum Alliance

Become part of something bigger than you alone. With over 300,000 members world-wide, Scrum Alliance brings you together with like-minded people who are passionate about Scrum and who dream, explore – and live – project management brilliance every day. A nonprofit professional organization, we provide advocacy, community, and education to support this movement, equip our members, and help them succeed with Scrum in software development and beyond. Come sprint with us!

Join the Largest Scrum Community for FREE! Scrum is an ongoing journey. And it’s important to surround yourself with the best minds, ideas and advice along the way. Find all this and more at Scrum Alliance, the place to learn and talk about Scrum. Become part of our Scrum Community for free as a SCRUM ALLIANCE® Basic Member.

Platinum partners


We're Different. And we like it.

Kinaxis is a leading provider of cloud-based subscription software that enables our customers to improve and accelerate analysis and decision-making across their supply chain operations. The supply chain planning and analytics capabilities of our product, RapidResponse®, create the foundation for managing multiple, interconnected supply chain management processes. By using the single RapidResponse® product instead of combining individual disparate software solutions, our customers gain visibility across their supply chains, can respond quickly to changing conditions, and ultimately realize significant operating efficiencies.

Pyxis Technologies

Pyxis Technologies is specialized in software development. Driven by Agility for over 15 years now, Pyxis services its clients with a complete customized offer:

  • /studio and its team of Agile architects, designers, and developers
  • /consulting with Agile coaching and project management services
  • /campus with a complete Agile course curriculum.
consulting; a blended and integrated offer of professional expertise with developers, coaches, trainers, architects, software engineers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and designers who share one passion, that is to transfer their know-how and deliver great software.

Gold partners


Mxi Technologies: We are a high growth, high tech employer in the Ottawa area with the most widely-used aviation maintenance software platform in the world. We have the distinct pleasure of working with large commercial airlines - like Southwest, Qantas - and military organizations - like BAE System, and Saab – to design, develop, and deliver mission critical enterprise software.

Our employees come to work every day knowing that they are doing something that really matters – they help make aviation maintenance more predictable, safe, and reliable for the global community. In the last year alone, Mxi has grown by 20% - right here at home - breaking through the 200 employee mark half way through the year. Now over 24 months into our Agile Transformation, we are already seeing incredible results from this decided change in our approach to running our business. But it’s far from over and that’s where you come in.

Pack your bags and come join us on this incredible journey.

We’re Hiring!


Since 2003, we’ve used our expertise and resources to assist North American companies of all sizes successfully accomplish their digital solution development objectives. From concept to production, all work is done in North America. As a result, we deliver a local, high value and quality customer experience.


The CRTL is a not-for-profit organization that carries out and promotes technology research, development and transfer. Its scope is technological innovation, both in business intelligence and technologies applied in various fields.

The centre promotes strategic partnerships in order to create collaborative opportunities for research, innovative technologies and marketing. It truly plays a vital role for Canadian businesses that develop new technologies and those that use specialized digital products. The CRTL thus aims to accelerate innovation and support technology adoption.

The CRTL offers physical and virtual workspaces to organizations that each participate in their own unique way in the development of language technologies and business intelligence. Information technology creators and users can therefore position themselves and benefit from the CRTL as an advisor for their activities.

From inspiration to commercialization, the CRTL works collaboratively with academia (universities), government, associations and industry, in order to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation, for the benefit of Canadian industry.

Silver partners


Those who contribute make us better. That’s why we create simple, useful tools to empower participation in the world’s bravest communication space: the Internet. We’re experts in domain names and the products that make the most of them. We’re here to help you showcase your ideas, stories, services and contributions to the world. Get your next idea its space online today, with Rebel.ca.


Software is becoming the heartbeat of our society. It binds our lives and work. Software development is increasingly sophisticated and difficult, no longer the effort of an individual but the aggregated work of many.

At Scrum.org, we’ve assembled a learning community to help improve the profession of software development. We believe the building blocks of great software are creativity, collaboration, and short cycle development that allows you to fail and recover quickly to try again and succeed. Scrum is a straightforward framework that teams around the world have used to create all kinds of software over the past 20 years. Join us.

You.i TV

You.i TV is the company behind You.i Engine, a UI framework built on the principles of video-game engines: artist-driven, cross-platform code with GPU-driven performance. Designers work in the tools they love and export directly into You.i Engine, where developers use the You.i Engine SDK to bring the app together with pre-built bridges to popular video backend technologies and common video views. The result is breathtakingly immersive, custom TV apps that run fluidly on every screen – Android, iOS, tvOS, Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Smart TVs, RDK set-top boxes, and many more!

BSSNEXUS Global Inc.

BSSNexus provides education and consulting in Agile methodologies, practices, coaching and mentoring to both public and private organizations. All of our staff and associates are practitioners in the Agile and change management spaces. Through partnerships, we work with education providers to deliver courses in the classroom and/or in a virtual environment where practical. For education delivery, we work with our partners to understand their client needs to ensure their clients get maximum value.

Our focus is on helping organization’s maximize benefits to their customers by ensuring their program managers, portfolio managers, project managers, product owners, product managers, partners, suppliers, development teams, PMOs and senior management can understand and implement agile thinking, agile practices, and the 7 types of agility.


There are four tracks, each with 4 sessions — for a total of 16 sessions.

Other Events

November is rich in events that allow followers of agile approaches as well as people who want to discover them to learn more and discuss different topics through conferences, workshops and networking events of all kinds. Do not miss these golden opportunities to develop your knowledge and meet other members of agile communities.

November 9

November 13

November 20 — 22